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“Rare knowledge”

Balancing Authenticity, Culture, Quality, Flexibility and Knowledge

The African College of Naturopathy teaches an African therapeutic art and science. We offer multidisciplinary training with the aim of discovering a cultural heritage, resulting from ancestral African medicine.

Based on the teaching of African Kings, wise men and women, traditional healers, and scientists, we bring alive in this generation and teach a healthy balanced holistic lifestyle.

African naturopathic medicine is above all a way of life, a balances link between spirituality, nature, spirits and the environment and a correct nutrition, the only means of maintaining the health of man and of restoring that of the chronically ill.

These trainings are intended to teach all the practices, philosophies, science of African care such as: plants, spirituality, meditation, massages, all practice related to African naturopathic medicine in ritual and cultural healing secrets.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to acquire new skills, in particular the keys to healing through spirituality, plants, the power of thought, words, and the spirit in the service of health.

  • Provide complete, original, and effective training for naturopathic health practitioners, in a very structured educational framework, in the service of a fascinating profession.
  • Provide participants with a high level of knowledge and skills enabling them to disseminate the precepts of vital hygiene according to African and modern scholars, to be creative, thoughtful and to acquire a sharp critical mind.

Indeed, the African College of Naturopathy, wants to provide our students real “know-how” to become future holistic health practitioner in African Naturopathic Medicine. Clinical case studies give our student opportunities to prepare for consultation work.


Our Online Programs in African Naturopathy in Europe.

The African College of Naturopathy is privileged to offer online programs since 2010. This has allows ambitious students from different origins to get the education they want, no matter where they live, especially those of African descent.

Our programs satisfy three main objectives in African Naturopathic Medicine:

  • Educate: Teach healthy balanced lifestyle and quality of life.
  • Prevent: Learning to prevent through healthy lifestyle programs.  
  • Heal: Therapeutic solutions offered using natural care methods, touching – body, soul, and spirit
  • Transmit: Making known to other generations of descendants of African origin the ancestral healing arts and science.

This training is intended for:

Online classes are intended for adults with personal life projects, professional activities, and they aim at building certain skills.  

Autonomy: Ability to continue to follow up on new knowledge in the field throughout practitioner’s career.

Critical thinking: Analysis within the field of alternative medicines.

Creativity: Being open to learning new skills and ideas and incorporating them into treatment plans.

Adaptability: Partaking in the transformation of society and the renewal of social values.

Communication: Good teaching skills.

  • Anyone keen to study how to optimize their lifestyle in the context of active primary prevention.
  • Healthy people, anxious to stay at the best of their well-being, and curious to get to know each other better and better manage their lifestyle.
  • People who wish to open a naturopathic consultation practice and receive clients looking for ways to naturally stay in good health or to improve their physical and psychological capacities to be more serene while being more efficient in his professional and personal daily life.
  • People who feel the enthusiasm to communicate to the public, on simple and ancestral ways to stay healthy, by natural means, while respecting ecology and the environment through congresses, conferences, working groups, within the population.
  • People who wish to manage and run a complete fitness center with consultations, natural treatments, physical exercises, or integrate into already existing center such as thalassic, gyms, fitness center, summer resorts.
  • People who would like to become a trainer in a Regional Naturopathic Training Center.
  • People who would like to extend their knowledge by sharing know-how with the most disadvantaged, in a precarious situation, in a situation of loss of autonomy, whether they are close to home or abroad.



Distance education allows students to study where they want and when you want in the language of their choice, with qualified trainers.

We provide teaching materials and tutors that smooth the way to knowledge, without regard to distance. Tutors that help you manage students time and give them greater autonomy.


The Certified African Naturopathic Medicine program is a complete natural health training.

It is a most convenient and efficient way to start practicing. The African naturopath can work as a freelancer/practitioner in his own office. The Naturopath can be part of a professional or corporate association. He or she can work in a clinic or private practice as an African naturopathic practitioner. He or she may give seminars or write articles for schools or associations, publish books, manage a health center or a herbal store, etc

The program includes courses in primary health Prevention, Education, Reform, and specialized care techniques. Because it includes a comprehensive and individualized approach, this is one of our most popular holistic medicine programs.

The Certified African Naturopathic Medicine, AN.D. will possess all the necessary hours to be a member of the African Federation of Naturopathy (a professional association).

This natural health training includes all courses in nutritherapy, massages, herbal, phytotherapy and aromatherapy knowledge, ancestral healing, and clinical case studies. The program includes anatomy-physiology course s so that students master the human body and its structures.

This online naturopathic program focuses on the many specific and specialised care techniques including the ones already covered in the Natural Health Practitioner courses, the main curriculum. This acquired knowledge will give the competence to carry out an in-depth treatment.

Indeed, the African naturopath can intervene as much for the chronic diseases as for the functional problems. He/she will be able to use aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massotherapy and field semiology. This holistic approach is especially useful in determining how the patient will respond to an approach or treatment.

All our trained African Naturopaths must write a case study, in which they document very precisely the concrete treatment and care of a patient and analyse his or her own attitude. The final examination itself consists of a discussion of the case study, before being accepted for a specialization field.



Hours of study: 2500

Credits for home works: 1000

Clinic study (internships): 405 hours

Diploma given : African Naturopath, AN.D.

This program includes:

– Course manual with exercises – Direct Visio Courses with trainers - Assistance of a naturopath with a doctor’s training – At presence exam for students in; France, Switzerland, and Belgium – Access to reference documents – Practical Videos on the consultation/Practices

African herbal medicine comes out of the dark

As we say to the students; "With the invisible, you must be concrete, be serious…!

Mocked and denigrated for centuries for its ritualistic and sacred aspect, African naturopathic medicine is now emerging from the shadows.

The ancestral use of medicinal plants from the Mother continent is now confirmed by scientists, with clinical trials supporting it. Their most recent work sheds some light on this thousand-year-old therapeutic treasure handed down orally from generation to generation.

In Africa, diseases are attributed to spirits, gods, or demons. And plants are part of a set of rituals with the virtue of repelling the bad elements that affect man. This sacred aspect of African naturopathic medicine has long been mocked, combated, and demystified by modern medicine.

And yet, the African pharmacopoeia, whose richness was revealed to us by the first explorers of the Mother continent, has been introduced into many so-called modern drugs and has given rise to great discoveries such as reserpine from Rauwolfia vomitoria, the starting product of neurosedatives.  Today, nearly 75% of Africans heal themselves only with the plants that surround them. What a lucky people!

We found in this pharmacopoeia the signature theory devised by Paracelsus based on the belief that the appearance, colour, and flavour of each plant indicate its medicinal properties. Passed down orally from generation to generation, this knowledge conferred notoriety and power on those who held it. Often, they were the tribal chiefs and the healers at the same time.

The use of medicinal plants may be called ancestral, but it is truly relevant today.

Not a month goes by without a plant in the back of a laboratory being confirmed for traditional use or even being extended to new ailments.

A few years ago, in Cameroon, while researching the therapeutic virtues of a small tree (Nauclea Latifolia). We checked the local uses of the leaves and sap. But when we got to the roots, we made an unexpected discovery: the roots contain a large quantity of a molecule identical to that of Tramadol, a drug derived from morphine widely prescribed to relieve severe pain.

This confirms that African herbal medicine is an ally of modern health! Many African plants have proven and controlled efficacy on pain. Some contain salicylic substances (aspirin was produced by copying them), other anti-inflammatories.

Still others are antacid, anti-insomnia (remember that a good sleep is essential for the pain-relieving treatments to be effective), digestive… Each plant has a unique composition, combining several dozen substances whose effects are potentiated and regulate themselves.

Detailed program - subject to modifications


History and concept of African naturopathic medicine. Ancestral and quanta / matter organization, understanding of traditional energy systems. Mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms - human evolution. Naturopathic anthropology - Spiritual, energies, nervous system, glands, and subtle bodies - rhythmic systems - growth cycles. Philosophy of humourism, vitalism, hygienic, naturism and holistic health in African traditions.


Study and acquisition of all classical structural and functional systems of anatomy. From the cell to organic, endocrine, nervous, immune, muscle-skeletal, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, and reproductive functions. Atoms, molecules, periodic table, bonds, reactions, quantities, nucleic acids, genetic code, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, energy production. Cell - enzymes and proteins.

Mineral constitutions, diatheses and anamnesis, African Temperaments, and biological and bacterial grounds.


Reasons for illness - reasons for recovery - messages of illness in African culture - understanding the emotions of illness and healing processes. Physiology of pathologies of the body by studies of clinical signs. Resumption of physiopathology subjects with the development of therapeutic strategies.


Anatomy by touch and differential assessment technique by reflexology of the hands and feet. Massage in African cultures, the various depths of body tissues and their impact in massages. Muscle massage technique, connective tissue, hemodynamic and structural.


Study of behaviour and emotions for the fight against physical and psychological diseases and reconnection between soul and spirit.


Study of ethnopsychiatry in African cultures. Method of application of therapeutic care in the African pharmacopoeia. Study of African Aromatherapy, test of essential oils, practical workshops.


Study of meditation in African cultures. Unique therapeutic tool that treats the physical-psychic whole through applications of naturally prepared ointments. Very practical use for immediate well-targeted physiological care, as well as to stimulate qualities and psychic healing.


Image of therapeutic care in Africa, the human being according to the anthroposophical tripartition: the 4 organs and the 4 elements, functions and processes, demonstrations, and practice of the faculties of alchemical matters.

Applications of revitalizing, regenerating and spiritual African massage techniques with sacred essential oils obtained from the extraction of African plants. Initiation to the Science of Spiritual / Thought Care. Movements that heal African practice, cleaning treatment with plants and clay, meditation on the therapeutic spirit, initiation into African cuisine.


Issues and daily diet of African foods. Basis of food plant protein intake, a food rich in trace elements. Fields of application specific to micro-nutrition - major systemic digestive disorders - nervous and oxidative stress - neurotransmitters.


Implementation of the practitioner's work plan. Vitality balance sheet. Therapeutic tools. In-depth spiritual healing workshops. Protocols for vitality assessments, practical exercises. Define and decide on a state of balance sheet of vitality. Define goals over time. Practice exam


Construction of the identity of the profession, professional and personal image in its practice. Identity of the therapist and his role, culture, and professional vocabulary. Techniques and Maintenance structure. Logistics and communication.

Accompanied practice:

Stages of transition from student status to professionalization.

Round tables on cases encountered. Advice and follow-up discussions with external stakeholders. Consultation supervised individual. Internship in Africa for three weeks or more.



All our trained African Naturopaths must write a case study, in which they document very precisely the concrete treatment and care of a patient and analyse his or her own attitude. The final examination itself consists of a discussion of the case study, before being accepted for a specialization field.



The traditional recites in African healing medicine give a differentiated understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of the disease and approaches from a different angle than that given by modern western medicine.

African naturopathic medicine has traditional and effective means of diagnosis, prevention and therapy and thus offers the possibility of establishing reliable proposals and treatment plans.

The person whose bio-energetic constitutions, Fire - digestive, Earth - metabolic tissues and waste – and their functions – are normal and whose soul, Water - sensory organs and Air - mind is calm and pure, is healthy and vibrating on a universal and spiritual dimension…"

African College of Naturopathy

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